Subscription Terms

Subscribers will receive the following privileges: 1. Members will be able to check the transaction history. Ordering and reversing payments are possible. 2. Members can check the status of the product manually. 3. Members can use the services contained in "Personal Information" 4. Members can download files as needed 5. Members can participate in activities provided by the web.

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  • Subscribers must use appropriate aliases, not rude or obscene.
  • Subscribers must use a real email that can only be contacted.
  • Who subscribes All true information must be filled out for your benefit.
  • For your own privacy, we would like to inform you that it is your duty to maintain your login name and password without letting others know.
  • Member information is kept as confidential as possible by webmasters. Your information will not be disclosed for commercial or other purposes.
  • Web administrator KTC reserves the right to cancel membership or discontinue the membership system at any time. Without prior notice to members.


Warranty of the product from the date of purchase from only. Returns can be made within 7 days from the date of receipt of the goods and additional receipts of the manufacturer.

Warranty Terms

Power Technology Support Solutions Limited Partnership Do not accept replacements or returns of items with abnormal conditions. As follows.

  • Abnormal conditions include burns, fractures, chipping, bending, collapse, distortion, cracking, penetration or scraping, etc.
  • Conditions caused by incorrect storage such as rust stains, oxide stains, water stains, etc.
  • The product is damaged due to external factors such as power failure, overload, lightning, etc.
  • Stickers are guaranteed to be torn, torn, loosened, lost, deleted, modified or covered until the essence of the sticker cannot be seen.
  • Misuse of goods It has been modified before permission has been granted. There was an accident with the cargo, signs of sheep opening or repairs.
  • The company does not guarantee products with any pen marks written on the product itself and cannot be removed without affecting the essence on the sticker or product.
  • Damage or loss caused by packages that are not strong, stable enough or unsuitable for the goods.
  • Damage or loss caused by packages that are not strong, stable enough or unsuitable for the goods.
  • There is no serial number for products that normally require or stickers are attached to imitate warranty stickers.
  • Problems related to software, viruses, or operating systems installed by the buyer.
  • Warranty Expired Items

Items that have expired warranty or items that do not detect breakdown will be subject to a minimum charge of agreeing to repair or not agreeing to repair.

** Note: For products delivered directly through service centers nationwide. Please call for repair number (MT#) every time you submit a repair/ claim, otherwise the company will not be responsible for anything.

Terms of delivery

Delivery by a private shipping company All provinces throughout Thailand and ship abroad. In service zones (the duration may change significantly due to force majeure, the company will make a clarification to the customer to know the reasons for the delay are on a case-by-case basis).

  • Delivery in the country from 2:00 PM monday to Saturday
  • International delivery at 3.30pm every Wednesday
  • Orders after 2pm will be delivered the next day.
  • Cash on delivery service (for registered customers only) Nationwide Delivery Please order before 12.30 pm.

Terms of payment

You can pay at any channel you are comfortable using by selecting the payment method in *Payment* section. You can pay directly from your credit card through a secure Pay Solutions system with a license to operate as an E-Payment Service Provider License account type C (3) 004/2014 from the Bank of Thailand and without storing your card information on our website. Through the channels below.

– The company reserves the right to change any conditions without prior notice.